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Three Warriors Spray Tan 

Makeup and Beauty Lounge are proud stockist of Three Warriors and provide Spray Tans in their Natural, Organic, Professional Tanning Solution

Experience the ultimate in natural-looking tans with Three Warriors Spray Tan. Formulated with organic and natural ingredients, Three Warriors delivers a flawless, streak-free tan without the harmful chemicals. Our solution is enriched with nourishing oils and antioxidants to hydrate and protect your skin while providing a beautiful bronze glow. With customizable shades to suit every skin tone, Three Warriors Spray Tan offers a safe and effective way to achieve a sun-kissed look year-round. Get your golden glow on with confidence!

Three Warriors Spray tan - $40

Spray Tan


How long does a spray tan last?

A spray tan typically lasts between 5 to 7 days, depending on your skin type, how well you prepare your skin beforehand, and how you maintain your tan afterward.

Will a spray tan make me look orange?

No, modern spray tanning solutions are formulated to produce a natural-looking tan that complements your skin tone. Our trained technicians will customize the tan to ensure it matches your desired shade and looks natural.

Is spray tanning safe for my skin?

Yes, spray tanning is considered safe for most skin types. The active ingredient in the solution, DHA, has been approved by the FDA for topical use. However, it's important to follow pre-tan and post-tan care instructions to ensure the best results and minimize any potential risks.

Can I choose how dark I want my spray tan to be?

Yes, you can choose your desired level of darkness. Our technicians will work with you to customize your tan based on your preferences, skin type, and the occasion.

How should I prepare for a spray tan?

To ensure the best results, exfoliate your skin thoroughly before your appointment to remove any dead skin cells. Avoid using lotions, oils, or deodorants on the day of your appointment, as they can create a barrier and affect the absorption of the tanning solution.

How do I maintain my spray tan?

To prolong your spray tan, moisturize your skin daily with a hydrating lotion and avoid activities that can cause excessive sweating or friction on the skin. Pat your skin dry after showering and avoid hot baths or swimming in chlorinated pools.

How soon before my event should I get a spray tan?

We recommend getting your spray tan 1-2 days before your event to allow the color to fully develop and any initial bronzer to wash off.

Can I still tan naturally after a spray tan?

Yes, you can still tan naturally, but it's important to remember that the spray tan provides minimal sun protection. Always use sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn and premature aging, especially if you're spending time outdoors.